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Headless Ecommerce - The Definitive Guide

The future of eCommerce is here, and it is headless. It solves some of the most fundamental issues of eCommerce development and delivers performance that is unheard of.
Faisal Mumtaz

How To Be A Digital Marketing Ninja In 2019 [Infographic]

A digital marketing ninja in 2019 cannot afford to have a one-dimensional approach when it comes to selling a product or service online. During the advent of digital marketing, it was only SMS and email marketing, then came PPC, SEO & SEM in the early 2000s followed by..
Faisal Mumtaz

Design Systems Explained With Examples

Design system is a collection of reusable components which serve as the building blocks of your application interface. It is a visual language that is maintained across every single customer touchpoint to enable brands to create a consistent user experience.
by Faisal Mumtaz

Top 8 Digital Advertising Metrics You Should Be Monitoring

Not measuring the outcome of your digital campaigns after pouring in time and money into it is kinda like driving a Lamborghini without a speedometer, you think you're going fast but since you can't compute it in your mind, you can't truly feel it. We quantify, evaluate and optimize otherwise..
by Faisal Mumtaz