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Visualizing Ecommerce Website Structures [50M Pages Crawled]
Over the past 8 weeks, I have been crawling dozens of ecommerce websites acrossdifferent industries with one goal in mind - create beautiful visualizations ofwebsite structures to understand what is required to create organized andnavigable structures for both humans and search engines. The firs…
Headless Ecommerce - The Definitive Guide
The future of eCommerce is here, and it is headless. It solves some of the most fundamental issues of eCommerce development and delivers performance that is unheard of.

Digital Marketing

Anatomy Of Google Ad Auction [Infographic]
Every time you search on Google, a request is sent to Google servers to evaluate advertisers bidding for that search query. All eligible advertisers are then put into a auction where their ad positions are determined based on the Max CPC bids, Ad quality and other contextual factors.
83 Facebook Demographics Targeting Options [Infographic]
Digital advertising is hard. Without having a pre-defined persona of your target audience, you’re throwing darts in the dark hoping to stick. Facebook advertising makes a massive number of targeting options available to you. So many in fact that it can often times be overwhelming.
A Beginners Guide To Canonical Tags
A canonical tag is used to designate the preferred URL of a web page, telling search engines - this is master page, show this in search results.


How To Increase Revenue Through Design
Design has the power to form opinions and change perceptions, yet it still does not have a seat at the table right next to technology, sales, and marketing within most organizations. Most companies would consider design’s impact on business success to be marginal, and as a result, is consistently...
Design Systems Explained With Examples
Design system is a collection of reusable components which serve as the building blocks of your application interface. It is a visual language that is maintained across every single customer touchpoint to enable brands to create a consistent user experience.


Demystifying Bounce Rate (Plus Perfecting Adjusted Bounce Rate)
Bounce rate is probably the most ambiguous and widely known metric in digital marketing. If you ask any analyst or digital marketer what a bounce is, the answer you will probably get is somewhere along the lines of - single-page session where users leave the site without navigating further.
Top 8 Digital Advertising Metrics You Should Be Monitoring
Not measuring the outcome of your digital campaigns after pouring in time and money into it is kinda like driving a Lamborghini without a speedometer, you think you’re going fast but since you can’t compute it in your mind, you can’t truly feel it. We quantify, evaluate and optimize otherwise..