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Why SEO is More Than Just a Tool

Faisal Mumtaz

Experts expect the SEO industry to surpass $80 billion by the year 2020. If you haven't jumped onboard the SEO train yet, you may be confused about why so many other people have.

Why is one tool so important?

Because it isn't just a tool.

SEO is a powerful way to boost your business. Continue reading this article to learn the benefits of SEO and what you should know.

Must-Know Benefits of SEO

SEO isn't just a tool. While it is a tool to help you get visibility, there are many benefits to a successful SEO campaign. Here are some of the top benefits you should know about.

1. Highly Targeted Traffic

Not all traffic is created equally. You may have fallen for one of the ads that promised to deliver thousands of visitors to your site per month. If you went for the deal, you probably noticed you received a bunch of traffic but with no results.

If your traffic isn't highly targeted, it isn't going to do you any good. You want people coming to your website who want to learn about your topic, product, and services.

SEO traffic is highly targeted because people are actively searching for something related to your business, product or service. As you learn more about SEO, you'll learn how to target keywords in different parts of the buyer journey.

You can even become a digital marketing ninja and snap up SEO terms your competition isn't paying attention to.

2. No Need to Pay for Every Click

If you're advertising using pay per click advertising, you have to pay for every click. If someone sees your ad, thinks it looks interesting and clicks, you pay for it even if they only visit for a minute and click away.

When your website shows up in search results, you don't have to pay for clicks that go to your website. Your website will be in the "organic" part of the search engine.

3. Position Yourself Ahead of the Competition

Even if your competition is a bigger company that has more money, customers, and products, SEO can help you position yourself ahead of the competition.

If your name is always showing up in the search engines ahead of their company, people will start to recognize you as the authority on the topic.

4. Better Click-through Rate

If you are deciding between pay per click advertising and SEO, you should know that SEO gets a better click-through rate. People like to click on organic search results whenever they can. People trust an organic search result more than they trust an advertisement.

When you get a better click-through rate, you can get more targeted visitors to your site faster which means more potential profits.

Get Help With Your Online Marketing Efforts

Understanding SEO is an important part of your business if you want to get attention online.

We have many articles that will help you understand SEO and all things digital marketing. Read through our articles on digital marketing today to learn how to win online.

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